Adventures in Training: Storytelling as a Framework for Technical Training

Excerpt 1: Overview (PDF, 5 pages)

Excerpt 2: Core principles (PDF, 4 pages)

Excerpt 3: Hands-on techniques and practical tips (PDF, 13 pages)

Kirkpatrick++ : 7 Levels of Effective Teaching & Training

Evaluating Teaching for Equity & Inclusion

Toward Equity & Inclusion in Evaluating Teaching (1-day workshop outline / Jan 2018)

Looking Forward to Stuff Students Say in Evaluating Teaching: The Whys, Whats, Hows, and How Nots (summary of journal article in process)

Instructional Design & Teaching Methods

Blended Reading Using Collaborative Annotation Tools (presentation at Bryn Mawr conference on Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts, May 2015)

Teaching Active Reading: Framing Reading Assignments More Effectively (video)

Rethinking Teaching Evaluations

Online Course on Rhetoric, Performance, Social Action (video, course design example)

Making Printed Syllabi More Visually Effective (video)

Sample Syllabus: STPEC Junior Seminar Spring 2014

Sample Syllabus: College Writing Spring 2013

Sample Web Syllabus: Rhetoric & performance online course Summer 2013 (interactive web syllabus)

Faculty Workshop on Redesigning Syllabi

Published Writing

Don’t Take Your Body to the West: What an Indian Boy Learns from the West(ern) in the Middle East
(International Review of Qualitative Research, Vol 8, Issue 8, 2015)

Languages Perform Us: Decolonizing Options for Multilingual Identities
(Qualitative Inquiry, Vol 21, Issue 2, 2015)

Keys to Understanding American Racism
(Racialicious.com, August 2013)

Rebutting Kal Penn’s Argument For Stop-and-Frisk
(Blog post, August 2013)

Speaking in silences (essay on silent experiences of race)
(International Review of Qualitative Research, Vol 2, Issue 4, 2010)

Interactive Online Multimedia Essay on Illiteracies
(Liminalities, Vol 9, Issue 3, 2013)

Essay on Barack Obama and Trump’s Birtherism (2013)
(Qualitative Inquiry, Vol 19, Issue 8, 2013)

Brofiling: A Satirical Website


Performances & Presentations

Don’t Take Your Body to the West (multimedia live performance)
(November 2015)

Sermon on Rethinking Worship
(February 2014)

Sermon on Radically Inclusive Communion
(August 2013)


Media Interviews

HuffPost Live Interview on Boston Marathon Bombing
(April 2013)

HuffPost Live Interview on Rolling Stone Magazine Controversy
(July 2013)