Hari Stephen Kumar is a visioncaster, teacher, storycrafter, and a catalyst of possibilities.

His itinerary includes India, Yemen, Egypt, Arizona, and 21 consecutive winters in Massachusetts. His composite career blends his expertise in STEM and the humanities, across corporate and academic environments, for the purpose of catalyzing learning in individuals and in organizations.

Since 2006 Hari has worked with a wide range of trainers and teachers on developing inclusive, transgressive, and transformative approaches to learning. He has served as an engineer and senior trainer at MathWorks, as an instructional consultant at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as Director of Instructional Design at Amherst College, and most recently as Director of Educational Development at Springfield Technical Community College. In 2018 Hari rejoined MathWorks, which he considers to be his ‘alma mater’, to serve on their worldwide learning and development team. The common thread through all these roles is his passion for helping people rediscover their joy and love for life-long learning and growth.

Hari has over 15 years of experience as an acclaimed speaker on complex and challenging topics, but with a style and approach that is inclusive and impelling more than simply compelling. He brings this approach both to his crafting of talks and presentations to a wide range of audiences, but also to his consulting and coaching on presentation design and delivery techniques for individuals and organizations.

Hari is an active and independent scholar-storyteller in critical cultural studies, specializing in creating richly layered multimedia performances that engage and empower audiences on issues of race, politics, religion, gender, and mass media. He is also a speaker and facilitator on emerging and critical pedagogies for 21st century learning, with a focus on inclusive teaching and professional development.

Hari has a particular heart for fellow failures, change agents, misfits, and wonderers/wanderers.

When he’s not ideating or designing or teaching or performing, Hari enjoys road cycling, performance driving, tennis, and chess.

Hari earned his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2000, with a focus on signal processing and pattern recognition. He earned his Master of Arts in Communication in 2011, with a focus on performance studies and cultural politics.