kineticnow : Catalyzing your possibilities in this present moment.

When your momentum seems stalled, when uncertainty holds you back, when you know where you need to grow but your options seem limited, that’s when you need a catalyst: someone who can help you generate new possibilities but also, crucially, someone who can help you take practical steps that energize and motivate you.

You need kinetic energy: purposeful motion toward a goal that draws you forward, breaking through your current limits and assumptions.

And you need it now, making possibilities happen out of whatever is available to you in this present moment.

Welcome to your KineticNow.

kineticnow : offers workshops, talks, and customized consulting services on:

  • communication skills and strategies
  • learning-centered design of training and teaching
  • leadership development and coaching
  • organizational change for inclusion and belonging
  • growth through failure

kineticnow : is led by Hari Stephen Kumar, a visioncaster, teacher, storycrafter, and catalyst of possibilities. Hari specializes in working with change agents on issues of communications and educational design for inclusion and social change.

Hari brings over 15 years of experience and expertise in critical pedagogies and inclusive design in both corporate and academic environments. He has built a track record as an impelling speaker and a transformative coach. He loves developing and encouraging communities of change agents toward rediscovering deep love, joy, hope, and faith in the work of transforming the future.

Hari is also an active and independent scholar-storyteller in the field of critical cultural studies, specializing in creating richly layered multimedia performances that engage and empower audiences on issues of race, politics, religion, gender, and mass media.